Past Exhibitions

Around the World in 80 Flour Sacks

01.09.2015 – 30.01.2016

The Collection Wywiol in Wittenburg, Germany, represents the huge importance of flour for the history of humanity with their collection of over 3000 flour bags. The Museum Mühlerama has been loaned 80 of them. The current exhibition revolves around the industrial mill’s final product – the flour (and their packaging).

The colorful flour sacks we have picked for this exhibition tell stories of large and small mills, of consumerism and the importance of flour all around the globe.

Flour sacks are little pieces of art. Their illustrations often depict the intended purpose of the flour, telling stories of culinary traditions. The pictures can be analyzed, just like paintings in an art gallery. The same themes can be spotted most of them: Promises of physical well-being, fitness, health benefits and status. Depending on the culture area, the prints’ promises vary.

Some sacks indicate the exact place of origin of the flour, noting precise mills or landmarks. Other sacks promote the idealized imagery of the millers’ and the bakers’ craft. There are also some celebrating the technical advances or broadcasting company logos and brand names.


Exhibition Curation
Carmen Stirnimann
Sara Witmer

Overall Director
Pius Tschumi, Museum Mühlerama

Exhibition Construction
Max Bansemer
Andreas Bommer
Judith Locher
Fjolla Rizvanolli

Graphic Design
Emanuel Tschumi

Carmen Stirnimann
Sara Witmer
Max Bansemer

Bost production GmbH

Loan Collection
MehlWelten Museum, Wittenburg
(Collection Wywiol)
Zunft zum Weggen, Zürich
Reto Murer

Overall Costs
CHF 46`289

Professional Advice
Beat Maumary, Andreas Bommer

With the financial support from:
Bühler AG
Stadtmühle Schenk
Knecht Mühle
Mondi AG
Stadt Zürich
Albert Lehmann Lindmühle AG
Desinfecta AG, Dr. Hans Vontobel