Past Exhibitions

Bread of the Lake

25.11.2020 – 05.04.2021

An artistic exploration of the oldest sourdough bread in Switzerland
In 1976, archaeologists excavating at the train station in Twann make a find that is unique in Europe. Between pile dwellings, bones and arrowheads they find an intact sourdough bread. It has all the characteristics of today's bread. The crucial difference: villagers baked it about 5500 years ago in a Neolithic shore settlement. 

In uncertain and unstable times like these, questions about our own transience come to mind. At the same time - or precisely because of this - many people have recently turned their attention to the millennia-old process of making sourdough. The bread of Twann is proof of the permanence and persistence of this process and ultimately of human existence. The artistic examination of the bread of Twann by the three authors Silja Dietiker, Jeannette Fischer and Susanne Vögeli can be discovered at Mühlerama. 

The inquiring cook Susanne Vögeli prepared her own sourdough at the place where the bread was found. This resulted in 10 loaves of bread and photographs reminiscent of small planets in dark space. Artist Silja Dietiker takes us inside a bubbling sourdough with her video installation. The cosmos of microorganisms can be experienced physically and is an experience for all senses.  The psychoanalyst Jeannette Fischer uses philosophical aphorisms to question our understanding of civilization, power and domination. She challenges us to read the traces of civilization not as a narrative of liberation, but of dependencies.