Past Exhibitions

Science on a plate

11.05.2022 – 26.06.2022

New Ideas for a Healthy World

The food on our plates has a long journey behind it. Most of the time, the path it follows is not directly from the field to our plate: The journey of our food crosses different landscapes and involves many people. The routes are complex and all too often, the food does not reach its destination. Nearly 800 million people go hungry. At the same time, food production overuses resources, destroys nature and drives climate change.  

The new exhibition “Science on Your Plate” at the Mühlerama Museum takes visitors on the journey of our food. Different stops along the way focus on how the cultivation, processing and consumption of food affects the environment and our health. The exhibition seeks answers to one of the most difficult questions: How do we feed a growing world population?

This exhibition presents how researchers at ETH Zurich are studying this journey of food and exploring new paths forward. It shows connections and presents solutions. See how mushrooms can grow out of buckets, algae is turned into new food products, and how insects transform waste into nutritious animal feed. Sit down and enjoy a feast that is healthy for both us and the planet.

And get inspired by the varied event program! Cook delicious sustainable dishes. Bake with ancient grains or follow the path of cocoa from tree to cake. And ask your questions directly, in special guided tours with researchers from ETH Zurich. There is much to discover.

Come along on the journey.  We all have a part to play in creating a sustainable food supply. 

Presented by the World Food System Center of ETH Zurich.