Past Exhibitions


10.05.2005 – 30.01.2006

Their scent is captivating, their colors of magical brilliancy – and some will burn on your tongue like fire! Exotic spices add flavor, acidity and color to our food. The exhibition occupies itself with the diverse history of the spice trade, sheds light on the significance of spices in medicine and pharmaceutics and explores the different spice habits from all over the globe.

Once, spices were amongst the most valuable goods in the world. Because of spices, kingdoms were conquered, and wars were started. They were status symbols for the rich, remedies and drugs for the sick and the free thinkers. Spices have a truly thrilling history.

The exhibition also takes a look at artificial flavoring, the popular chili and the Swiss-grown saffron from the small Wallis municipality Mund. A choice of over fifty different spices invite you to smell, taste and explore.


Exhibition Curation
Karin Renold

Project Assistance
Magdalena Rühl

Overall Director
Franziska Rüttimann, Museum Mühlerama

Exhibition Construction
Andreas Bommer

Exhibition Design
Antonia Banz, Firma Raumprodukt

Graphic Design
Viviane Wälchli

Exhibition Support and Apéro
Melanie Kleineberg-Ranft

Staffeldruck AG
Sauterdruck AG

Franziska Rüttimann
Karin Renold
Magdalena Rühl

Overall Costs
CHF 25’833.45

Professional Advice
Andreas Lenherr, Bergapotheke Zürich

With the financial support from
Firma Fridlin Gewürze AG
Firma Farfalla
Bergapotheke, Zürich
Globus Delicatessa
Ernst Göhner Stiftung
Migros Kulturprozent
Spice Islands