Past Exhibitions

Urban Veggies

07.05.2014 – 01.11.2014

During the last years, Urban Gardening projects have become hugely popular – worldwide. People who do not have access to their own garden or allotments put their balconies to good use and grow vegetables in pots and crates. The exhibition wants to find out why everyone has been so interested in gardening lately, what vegetables grow in these urban gardens and in what state our seeds are in.

The visitors can admire several creative urban gardens from all over the world. Four hobby gardeners from Zurich proudly share their gardens and some thoughts on their personal little paradises with us. Their gardens are all very different from each other: There is one allotment, one balcony garden, one school garden and one community garden.

Outside, in the courtyard of the museum, the Mühlerama has built its own urban garden. Over 50 vegetable types, amongst which many are rare, are growing in green raised beds. An accompanying audio guide tells you fascinating stories about every type. And if you feel like gardening yourself: All of these vegetables can easily be grown at home.

A mysterious, airy tent introduces you to seeds, their cultural heritage and their connection to huge companies which nowadays dominate the seed market.


Exhibition Curation
Sibylle Gerber
Franziska Rüttimann
Carmen Stirnimann

Overall Direction
Franziska Rüttimann, Museum Mühlerama

Exhibition Construction
Andreas Bommer

Graphic, Poster, Flyer
Nora und Zuni Halpern

Design, Scenography
Natalija Pocuca ortsofort
Mika Lanz

Sibylle Gerber
Franziska Rüttimann
Carmen Stirnimann

Sound Technology
Martin Bezzola

Audio Guides
Martina Jung und Konrad Sigl von Tweaklab

Conception and Planting Urban Garden
Christine Odermatt, Zur Blüte
Elisabeth Schneeberger, Botanischer Garten Zürich

Crate Production
Firma Kuhn, Oberglatt

Sound Editing
Martin Bezzola, Klanggestalter GmbH

Portrait Photography
Patrick Hari

Overall Costs
CHF 113`000

With the financial help from:
Ernst Göhner Stiftung
Fondation Sana
Parrotia Stiftung
SV Stiftung
Dr. Hans Vontobel
Walter Haefner Stiftung
Hamasil Stiftung
Stiftung Corymbo
Migros Kulturprozent

With thanks to:
Botanischer Garten der Universität Zürich
Grün Stadt Zürich
Erklärung von Bern
Pro Specie Rara
Sativa AG
All urban gardeners who offered their help
Everyone who contributed by giving an interview