Past Exhibitions

Special Exhibition

03.07.2021 – 13.03.2022
Hunger. An exhibition about scarcity and abundance

We all know hunger. It comes over us again and again. It makes us tired or irritable. What happens in the body when we are hungry? What does an empty stomach feel like? What does it mean to be full? When circumstances allow, we eat until we are full, often beyond. But not everyone has this option. Many people have to accept hunger

25.11.2020 – 05.04.2021
Bread of the Lake

An artistic exploration of the oldest sourdough bread in Switzerland In 1976, archaeologists excavating at the train station in Twann make a find that is unique in Europe. Between pile dwellings, bones and arrowheads they find an intact sourdough bread. It has all the characteristics of today's bread. The crucial difference:

01.09.2018 – 30.06.2019
Protein for the World: Insects in the Spotlight

How will we possibly be able to feed the world’s population of over 9 billion people in about 30 years? How can we ensure that there is enough protein for everyone? This exhibition gives an overview of foods rich in protein, explores the cultural significance of insect consumption and gives insight into the industrial breeding and

01.09.2015 – 30.01.2016
Around the World in 80 Flour Sacks

The Collection Wywiol in Wittenburg, Germany, represents the huge importance of flour for the history of humanity with their collection of over 3000 flour bags. The Museum Mühlerama has been loaned 80 of them. The current exhibition revolves around the industrial mill’s final product – the flour (and their packaging). The

01.11.2014 – 29.04.2015
Urban Veggies in Winter

The current special exhibition “Urban Veggies” has managed to draw a large audience. Experienced gardeners have shown an interest as well as people without a green thumb. Reason enough to extend the popular exhibition into the winter and spring season. The cold, windy weather forces even the most motivated gardener to a period of

07.05.2014 – 01.11.2014
Urban Veggies

During the last years, Urban Gardening projects have become hugely popular – worldwide. People who do not have access to their own garden or allotments put their balconies to good use and grow vegetables in pots and crates. The exhibition wants to find out why everyone has been so interested in gardening lately, what vegetables grow

15.05.2013 – 29.03.2014

A sausage is not simply a sausage. Besides the more famous Cervelat, Bratwurst, Schüblig and Salsiz there are hundreds of other Swiss sausage types. The exhibition gives insight into the world of the unique national treasure which can be found at every folk festival but also on the menu of many gourmet restaurants. Growing up in

13.03.2012 – 30.01.2013
Poison: Food can be dangerous!

We eat with pleasure and without concerns. Our food is safe! That’s at least what we assume – food inspections are strict, right? But what about pollutants? What about glutamates and all the additives? Is buying organic a good alternative? The fear of getting poisoned through food is as old as humanity itself. The exhibition

01.03.2011 – 30.12.2011
Witching Hour

Even the bravest might lose their cool in the face of the gloomy witching hour. The fear of ghosts has always accompanied humans and still today we find ourselves fascinated by the misty figures – not only as fiction in movies and literature but also as real creatures. The belief in ghosts is as spirited as it has always been. At

13.01.2010 – 30.10.2010

Tongue and nose are responsible for little moments of happiness for our taste buds. How ironic that a lot of people thoughtlessly shovel food into their mouths without consciously noticing the senses of taste and smell. This exhibition is dedicated to all things taste. What’s most remarkable about the display: There is absolutely

06.11.2008 – 26.09.2009
Food and Power

Food is closely intertwined with pleasure, nutrition, health – and power! Powerful people use food to achieve their goals. Food is always in high demand and, most importantly, vital, making it the perfect means to manipulate people. Whoever controls food cultivation, processing and trade inevitably holds power whilst their laborers

22.08.2007 – 19.07.2008

Onto the scales! This special exhibition concerns itself with the weighing and measuring of our own bodies. The visitor is invited to question the prevailing idea of keeping slim while learning about the variety and changing appreciation of fat. Meticulously keeping track of one’s own weight has become a social obligation for

25.08.2006 – 14.07.2007
Ladies’ Beer and Men’s Brew

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, the Museum Mühlerama raises its (beer) glass to the building’s roots as a brewery in 1890. How and from what ingredients is beer brewed? Immerse yourself into the daily life of brewers in different cultures and time periods and experience the history and the present of our beer drinking

10.05.2005 – 30.01.2006

Their scent is captivating, their colors of magical brilliancy – and some will burn on your tongue like fire! Exotic spices add flavor, acidity and color to our food. The exhibition occupies itself with the diverse history of the spice trade, sheds light on the significance of spices in medicine and pharmaceutics and explores the

28.04.2004 – 29.01.2005

Grits, mush, porridge – for centuries the unsightly dish was the principal food for the common people. This exhibition takes a look at the success story of oatmeal – from the original recipe to functional food. As recently as in the 20th century knowledge on the health benefits of nutritional food began to emerge. The aim of the