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Flatbreads from Occident to Orient

For thousands of years flat­breads were and are the most common bread in many cultures across the world. Just think of the flat­breads all over Middle East and South Asia, mainly used as edible dish or cutlery.

In this workshop Grazia from Il Pane di una volta will show you how to bake a range of both leavened and unlea­vened flat­breads from Naan to Pita Bread (Arabic bread) and Chapati; we will look at different kinds of pre-ferment (such as sponge ferment and Biga) and why to use them to enrich the aroma and the flavor of the breads. A tasting of mezze will be served during the break. This Workshop will be held in English with course material in English and German. If required, there will also be an interpreter available.

Covid certificate required.

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Freitag, 04. März 2022
18:00–22:00 Uhr

Seefeldstrasse 231
8008 Zürich

Grazia De Martino

CHF 145.00 Catering included