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Focaccia and Pizza bianca

The most popular Italian flatbread, Focaccia is prepared all over Italy with slightly difference in the dough. Perfect breakfast booster, snack sandwich or table bread – Focaccia is extremely versatile. During the workshop will look at different Focaccia from the «Genovese» (typically flavoured with extra virgin olive oil) to «Focaccia di Recco» no-yeast Focaccia filled with Crescenza cheese and «Pizza bianca», the traditional roman style Focaccia extremely popular in the United States thanks to Maestro Gabriele Bonci. A tour all over Italy from Liguria to Lazio to discover the Italian traditional most famous flatbreads.
This Workshop will be held in English with course material in English and German. If required, there will also be an interpreter available.

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Dienstag, 29. Juni 2021
18:00–22:00 Uhr

Seefeldstrasse 231
8008 Zürich

Grazia de Martino

CHF 145.00 inkl. Verpflegung

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