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Panettone - EN

with Grazia De Martino

Enjoyed around the world for the Christmas and New Year’s holiday, Panettone is the most iconic fruit flavored bread all over Italy, finding its roots in Lombardia region. The traditional preparation is made with Lievito madre (stiff levain 50% hydration) and multi day stages of mixing and proofing to achieve the characteristic light and tender crumb.

In this 6 hours workshop with Grazia from Il Pane di una volta dedicated to Panettone, we will prepare the final dough of traditional Panettone, we will look at the peculiarity of the stiff Levain (Lievito madre). We will learn how to prepare our stiff starter for Panettone dough and we will make faster so called «Modernist» version with dry yeast.

A very enjoyable amateur cooking course for all those who wants to learn how to deal with Lievito madre and make these traditional Italian cakes on their own in an easy and fun atmosphere.

This Workshop will be held in English with course material in English and German. 

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Donnerstag, 12. Dezember 2024
10:00–16:00 Uhr


Museum Mühlerama Seefeldstrasse 231 8008 Zürich 

Grazia de Martino

CHF 280.00 inkl. Verpflegung